Confusion behind breast density letters

MINNEAPOLIS, May 26, 2016 — CRL Breast Imaging lead, and Piper Breast Center Medical Director, Dr. Lisa Schneider, MD appeared on FOX 9 News on Wednesday to discuss the confusion with breast density letters.

Breast density notification laws were passed in over 25 states, with more on the way. These laws require a notification letter be sent out to women with dense breast tissue. According to the American College of Radiology (ACR), dense breast tissue is another risk factor for developing breast cancer as the tissue can mask cancer on a traditional mammogram making it difficult to be detected. Dense tissue and breast cancer both show up white on a traditional 2D mammogram (also known as Digital Mammography), making it difficult to tell the two apart.

“The intent is to let a woman know that she has this situation, and it’s normal,” said Schneider, MD. “Among 50% of the population have dense breast tissue.”

She went on to state that the letter is letting women know that having dense breast tissue could add to development of breast cancer. This letter can open up the conversation with women’s primary physicians on additional screening options with their annual exams, such as a screening ultrasound.

At CRL Women’s Imaging, women have the option to have a traditional 2D or 3D Mammogram™ done.  3D Mammography™ is more likely to be recommended for those with dense breast tissue.

Hologic’s 3D Mammography™, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, offers exceptional clarity and detail by imaging the breast in several layers. By looking at each layer individually, a potential cancer is less likely to be obstructed from view by overlapping breast tissue. No noticeable difference in the experience or time is required to do the exam for a patient when compared to a traditional 2D mammogram.

Patients can count on an efficient, compassionate, and comprehensive breast imaging experience that encompasses every aspect of care at CRL. We believe in catching breast cancer early, so you can go on living a long and healthy life. To schedule your appointment, call 952-915-4320.