CRL Launches 2016 Quality Report

MINNEAPOLIS, April 14, 2016 — After more than six months of designing, collaborating and celebrating Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. (CRL)’s successes since the 2012 Quality Report was released, the 2016 Report is complete. Dr. Trudi Parker, MD, Breast Imaging Radiologist and Medical Director of CRL Imaging Southdale, was the visionary leader of this important project.

“We wanted to create something modern, that would showcase our top innovations throughout the company,” said Dr. Parker.

Dr. Parker, MD, along with members of CRL Quality Committee and CRL President Dr. Christopher Tillotson, MD came together to capture the essence of what CRL represents within the community, along with our accomplishments over the past few years, and further to distil this information into a single, easily interpreted document.

Dr. Parker went on to state, “A special section on CRL’s breast imaging team, new Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography) and Upright Stereotactic Biopsy machines by Hologic, and CRL Women’s Imaging at Southdale are key features.”

“We’ve seen a significant increase in cancer detection with the 3D technology; so much that we would like our patients, and referring clinics, hospitals, and physicians to know.”

CRL’s Neurointerventional (NIR) Radiology Section at Abbott Northwestern Hospital (ANW) is also in the highlights for their latest innovations in stroke care and brain aneurysm procedures. The group recently surpassed their 2,000th brain aneurysm procedure and is involved in numerous cutting edge trials.

Dr. Yasha Kayan, MD, a CRL neurointerventionalist, was featured on WCCO News earlier this year for employing a new clot-suction technique for stroke patients that saved a veteran’s life.

“The tools we use today and that I had available to me in this case, were not available even a year ago,” states Dr. Kayan.

Dr. Josser Delgado, MD, another CRL Neurinterventionalist at ANW, states that recent large clinical trials show for every 30 minutes that pass, the chance of a favorable outcome decreases by 10% for an acute stroke patient, making Drs. Kayan and Delgado’s roles a crucial element of CRL’s commitment to providing superior quality and care.

Check out the latest innovations from CRL in our new Report here: 2016 Quality Report 

A special thank you to all of our Radiologists, Staff, and Partners who contributed to the report.