What is a Breast Marker?

A breast marker is a tiny titanium or stainless steel marker, smaller than a sesame seed. Breast biopsy markers are placed during a breast biopsy procedure to identify the area where breast tissue was removed.

Will I be able to feel the Marker?

It is extremely uncommon to feel the breast marker once it is placed. The marker does not interfere with MRIs or other radiology exams. Also, it will not set off metal detectors or security checkpoints when traveling.

Are breast biopsy markers safe?

The marker has been tested and proven to be safe and effective. It has been used in biopsy procedures for over a decade. The marker is designed so that once placed in the breast, it is unlikely to move. If surgical removal of the area of concern is recommended, the marker is taken out with the breast tissue at the time of surgery. Allergic reactions to the marker are extremely rare. If you are allergic to metals, for example nickel, please inform your technologist.

If I have a Marker, does this mean I have cancer?

No, the marker is not placed because you have cancer. It is simply a helpful tool used to identify the biopsy site. The tiny marker can be seen on future mammograms, which is beneficial to the radiologist reading your exam.

Breast Biopsy Markers
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