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Are you a woman over 40? How 30 minutes could be the best thing you do this year

It seems that we all know someone affected by breast cancer and the sobering reality is that it’s the second most common form of cancer in women with 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their lifetime. However, studies show that survival rates are improved with early detection.

The best option for early detection of breast cancer is annual screening mammograms and at CRL Women’s Imaging, our expert radiologists specializing in women’s imaging recommend annual screening mammograms for every woman over 40.

Why are annual screening mammograms so important?

Most often breast cancer is detected during a screening mammogram or after a lump is detected either by the woman or her doctor. It’s important to note that at its earliest and most treatable stage, breast cancer typically doesn’t produce any symptoms.

This is why annual screening mammograms are so important. It allows the radiologist to compare your current mammogram with previous mammograms and see changes in the breast that could indicate breast cancer when it’s small and at a stage when the most treatment options are available.

Screening mammograms save lives and when combined with 3D technology (tomosynthesis) it’s your best tool in the fight against breast cancer.

How is 3D different than 2D mammograms?

2D (two-dimensional digital) mammography is an excellent screening and detection exam taking a single two-dimensional image however 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) offers exceptional image clarity and detail by imaging the breast in several ‘layers’.

Since we are able to view each layer separately in 3D mammography, a potential cancer is less likely to be obstructed from view by overlapping breast tissue resulting in fewer biopsies and additional tests as well as increased accuracy.

How long does a screening mammogram take? ­

A screening mammogram typically takes less than 30 minutes and with our walk-in appointments, extended hours, online-scheduling, and convenient location we make it easy to fit into any schedule.

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About CRL Women’s Imaging

CRL Women’s Imaging is a leader in outpatient imaging and designated as Breast Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR).  Our team of dedicated, board-certified breast imagers with broad expertise and a genuine interest in breast imaging and our knowledgeable technologists certified in mammography, ultrasound, and MRI are committed to provide our patients with the high-quality compassionate care they can trust.

“Early detection of breast cancer saves lives. And with the tools of 3D mammography/tomosynthesis and supplemental screening breast ultrasound we are better equipped than ever to positively impact women’s health.”
 – Medical Director, CRL Women’s Imaging