Referral Process:

Patients can be referred by a licensed chiropractor to obtain imaging. Save time and the environment by clicking on the link below to fill out our secure electronic referral form.

CRL Referral Form


CRL Chiropractic Referral Form

Procedure for sending films

I, along with Consulting Radiologists, Ltd., am excited to provide you with unmatched service and pricing regarding interpretation of the diagnostic imaging of your patients. To send in films (plain films or advanced imaging), just follow the simple steps below and leave the rest to us. In order to provide the best service to you and your patients, please note the billing procedure below.

1. Fill out the “Intake Form”, which includes: patient information, referring physician/clinic information and billing/provider information, if applicable. If you want an immediate call back, just check the “Immediate Read and Call” box.

*We can bill the following insurances directly (assuming you are billing the “global” code, which includes both the technical and professional fee):

Choice Plus

Personal Injury (“Open” claims only)

Note: We realize that, at times, all of the insurance information is not always available when you send in the films to be read. If information is still needed at the time the films are read, our office will call to request the needed information, which may delay the turnaround time of the interpretation. After 2 weeks from receiving the films, if there remains missing information, so that we are unable to bill the insurance, the referring clinic will be billed at the “Clinic office is billed” rate.

If clinic is billed directly, after 30 days of receipt of bill, if Consulting Radiologists, Ltd., has not received payment the case may be considered for further collection action.

We also have a “paid at the time of service” fee option (check or credit card – VISA or MasterCard) or we can bill your office directly. You can then bill the patient at your discretion. See price sheet for more details regarding denied claims and pricing.

2. Mail films and completed Intake Form. Address is on Intake Form.

3. The films will be read routinely within 24 hours – a written report will be generated and automatically faxed to the referring office, unless otherwise requested. The films will then be mailed back to the referring office with a self-addressed return sticker, the original report and new intake forms.

We very much appreciate your business and we invite any suggestions or comments regarding the service. We are dedicated to serve the needs of the chiropractic community in the area of diagnostic imaging.

Over-read Services

If at any time you have a question on an advanced imaging study that was done in your office or would like a second opinion on a study from an outside facility, Dr. Fridinger is available for consultation. His services will both save you time and offer you peace of mind, knowing you have a board certified radiologist interpreting your films and providing reports.

Contact Dr. Fridinger directly at (952) 915-4335 or for pricing details or other questions regarding this over-read service.

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