Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. transcription services located in Minneapolis, MN is a one-stop solution for your transcription needs. Our 25 plus years of experience will ensure that you receive top quality reports that meet your deadlines and surpass your expectations. Our dedicated and experienced team handles all transcription jobs with the utmost professional care.  We provide uncompromising quality, highly accurate reports, and timely and convenient delivery. In addition, our state-of-the-art voice to text application provides near real-time report rendering.  The report may be sent to our transcription team for editing, or it may be self edited by the author. This self-editing capability provides a finished report with immediate turnaround when time is of the essence.  A perfect solution for your transcription needs.


The CRL Business Office is experienced in providing outstanding billing services. Consulting Radiologists billing is sent out every 30 days after services are rendered and hospitals are charged a fee for service based on imaging modality. Partnering with CRL for billing eases a hospital or clinic’s financial and time burden in billing and collecting payment for patient services.


With years of experience successfully working with a wide range hospitals and clinics, our credentialing staff will work closely with your Medical Staff Office to ensure that the initial privileging process and subsequent reappointments are accomplished accurately and efficiently. We provide CVO services in accordance with the standards set forth by The Joint Commission, providing you with an expedited option for your credentialing needs. We are also positioned to assist with facilitating and providing supporting documentation required for organizational peer review, as well as for accreditation organizations such as ACR & IAC. 

Peer Review

CRL’s commitment to quality is reflected in its peer review program. In 2012 CRL surpassed 100,000 peer-reviewed cases for the past three years. This program is truly next generation, with physicians receiving direct, instant feedback on the accuracy of their readings, and an opportunity to indicate their agreement or disagreement with the review.

CRL works closely with the ACR Peer Review Database to collect data for peer review across all subspecialties. Data collected for each radiologist and care site is monitored by case type for statistical significance and adverse trends. We are proud to report that across our subspecialties CRL compares favorably with national averages.

CRL’s rate of agreement (ACR Category 1) for peer-reviewed interpretations in 2010 and 2011 exceeded that of the American College of Radiology’s (ACR) national benchmark. Our rate of disagreement or discrepancy (ACR Category 2, 3, & 4) was less than the national benchmark. CRL is proud to say that in comparison to the national standards, we are providing accurate interpretations for our customers and patients.


CRL’s experienced radiologists and leadership team will provide consultation services for your radiology department, outpatient imaging center, radiology billing staff, locums and recruiting. Let us be a key component of your practice’s success.

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