Emergency Radiology, formerly known as RapidResponse Radiology, is a service of CRL that specializes in the diagnosis of the acutely ill or traumatized patient in the Emergency Department setting. Our primary goal is to provide accurate and timely emergency imaging interpretations resulting in quality patient care and superior customer service.

Our board-certified radiologists are highly experienced and are the heart and soul of Emergency Radiology. You can be rest assured knowing that you are being served by one of the nation’s premier radiology practices.

ER Services

Emergency Radiology’s board-certified radiologists are available to provide immediate preliminary interpretations around-the-clock.

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ER Physicians

Since our team of nationally recognized radiologists also serve leading tertiary healthcare facilities, we deliver top-notch specialized interpretations.

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ER Technology

All clients gain access to our highly sophisticated and web-based radiology information system that provides secure, real-time access to patient reports.

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ER Customers

Emergency Radiology currently supports 100 healthcare facilities across the Upper Midwest with remote teleradiology services.

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How is Emergency Radiology unique? What services are available? How do your radiologists communicate with referring providers?

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