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The American College of Radiology Recognizes CRL Radiologist for Significant Accomplishments and Contributions to the Field of Radiology

Dr. Christopher Tillotson was among the American College of Radiology (ACR) members awarded the degree of Fellow (FACR) at the 2021 American College of Radiology Annual Meeting. It is an honor bestowed on only a small percentage of radiologists for significant accomplishments or contributions to the field of radiology. For Dr. Tillotson, a predominately private practice radiologist, the recognition of his contributions to a large group practice, management, and development such a Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. (CRL) holds a special significance.

Dr. Tillotson’s career in radiology began in 1989 when he joined CRL’s practice of then, 18 radiologists, serving 4 on-site locations. Over the ensuing 32 years, CRL has become a premier radiology practice with 70 board-certified radiologists providing on-site radiology services for 22 partner hospitals and clinics and teleradiology-based interpretation services for over 100 healthcare facilities in Minnesota and surrounding states.

The growth of Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. into a subspecialty radiology practice at this level while navigating the many changes in healthcare administration and legislation, and maintaining financial performance can be attributed to a robust IT infrastructure, excellent partners, and the leadership contributions of those like Dr. Tillotson who served as CRL’s President from 2014-2020.

Leadership recognition is not new to Dr. Tillotson who was also recognized by Minnesota Physician as one of Minnesota’s Top 100 Influential Health Care Leaders in 2016. It is this leadership experience and medical expertise that has given him a front-row seat to observe and participate in the evolution of radiology and its role in healthcare. When asked for his reflections, Dr. Tillotson tells us that he was blessed to practice in a truly extraordinary window of radiology history that will probably never be repeated. In an even more accurate depiction of the changes over the last three decades, he went on to say that, “When I started, all images were saved on hardcopy film with no electronic transmission possible. CT scanners back then were relatively crude and slow. MR scanning was just beginning and much of what we take for granted now had to be developed from scratch back then. We are also capable of doing many more types of interventional procedures as imaging improved and technology developed.”

Envisioning the future of radiology, we are encouraged by the views of radiology leaders such as Dr. Tillotson who commented, “I’m bullish on the future of radiology due to its central placement in all of healthcare as well as the continued innovation of imaging techniques and applications. It is a very flexible and agile area of medicine.”

Consulting Radiologists, Ltd. is proud to have benefited from Dr. Tillotson’s dedication and service and we congratulate him on becoming a Fellow of the American College of Radiology.