CRL Celebrates Milestone with CRTIS

MINNEAPOLIS, August 18th, 2016 – Launched in 2003, Consulting Radiologists Teleradiology Information System (CRTIS) is CRL’s enterprise worklist for the majority of hospitals and clinics that send medical images to interpret. It originally conceived as an application to reduce the amount of faxed paperwork associated with each teleradiology case. Yesterday, it celebrated a new milestone.

” Today at 11:11:14 a.m, the 3 millionth entry was created in CRTIS,” stated Jim List, Director of Informatics and Advanced Applications at CRL.

The 3 millionth case was a cervical spine MRI at one of CRL’s regional facilities.

In his letter to Physicians and Staff, List went on to state that over the past 13 years, CRTIS has become the hub of multiple applications, which enhance the productivity of our radiologists.  A These applications include the following: radiologist QA, technologist QA, Image Link, Speech Link, and individual radiologist worklist creation for credentialed facilities.

CRTIS also serves as the launch point for our voice to text application called radMDW, which links to the M*Modal speech engine.

Since inception, 124 facilities have used or are currently using the CRTIS application.