“Illuminighting” hope

CRL supports local non-profit Firefly Sisterhood

MINNEAPOLIS, July 8, 2016 — A wave of emotions overwhelms women when diagnosed with breast cancer. Questions swirl in their minds. Enter: Firefly Sisterhood.

Starting in 2014, Firefly Sisterhood is a local non-profit that connects women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors. The survivor guides the recently diagnosed through their options as well as emotions. Featured on Firefly’s website, they state they’ve found a direct link between emotional and physical healing.

Kris Newcomer, Executive Director for Firefly recently invited Consulting Radiologists, Ltd (CRL) to be a part of Firefly’s “Illuminight” – their inaugural fundraising event held at Muse Event Center on June 15th.

CRL breast imaging radiologists, Trudi Parker, MD and Kevin Edelman, MD attended along with CRL Women’s Imaging Director Cindy Hummel, and several technologists from the facility.

“There is something magical about fireflies, how they emerge at dusk with their winking lights. At first, it takes a bit of searching to see one, but once you’ve spotted a single flashing firefly, suddenly you’re able to see an entire gathering of blinking lights,” stated Newcomer to a room full of supporters.

Survivors followed on stage sharing their stories on how Firefly helped them through their trials.

“Breast Cancer is personal, yet it doesn’t have to be something you do alone,” said Newcomer.

Firefly currently makes one match a day. They hope that their model will become nationwide. CRL is proud to be a part of this magical movement.

Recently diagnosed? Ask CRL Women’s Imaging at your next appointment how you can take part in Firefly.