National Radiologic Technologist Week – Nov. 3-9

The first NRTW was July 22-29, 1979. The celebration was moved to November to recognize the date Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray, Nov. 8, 1895. The annual celebration promotes the important role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in providing quality patient care and a safe health care environment.

“R.T.s: Positioning Ourselves for Excellence.” is this year’s theme and is no different than everyday, to how all of our technologists performs their jobs. Each day our dedicated technologists not only look at what’s going on inside the human body but communicate with our patients to understand the whole story and relay that information on to our radiologists. A quality, team approach ensures the patient receives the best in care.

Thank you for the dedication, hard work and absolutely outstanding job you perform. We our fortunate to have such knowledgeable and skilled techs caring for our patients.

With much appreciation and gratitude, we thank you!